DIY Moving Tips


DIY Moving Tips

Moving encompasses so much change that getting through the process of physically getting from one place to another can be overwhelming! When you are moving without the help of a company, there are ways to ease the load and start down the path of your new life at a new place.

  1. Start early. This advice works on many levels! As soon as you know that you are going to be moving, work on what needs to be done with a checklist as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate packing and planning until the last minute. We also feel it is important to start your actual moving day as early as possible to give you more daylight hours.
  2. Purge. Starting early will also give you more time to go through your belongings as you begin to pack and organize into keep, donate or throw away piles. It is always smarter to declutter before you move, so you have less stuff and more room for whatever new items you may need for your new place.
  3. Supplies needed. Packing is already a tough task – make it easier by having the right supplies on hand, such as a variety of sized boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Our Elite team can connect you with moving boxes, rope, tape and e-track straps. We also rent out pallet jacks, furniture pads and appliance or 4-wheel dollies to make your job easier.
  4. Have essentials on hand. You may be so focused on getting ready to move that you are not thinking about your first night in your new place! You do not want to have to dig through boxes after a long day, so make sure to have a first-night bag packed that has all of the items that you will need easily accessible. It will save you the stress of searching!
  5. Rent a vehicle that fits your move. Having a large vehicle to pack everything into will make your moving day so much easier, but what size is best? Our fleet includes a 24-foot truck at the top and an Econoline van at the bottom. Our largest truck can hold up to nine rooms worth of stuff and belongings while a van is best for an apartment-size move. If you are struggling with this decision, we can help!
  6. Rely on friends and family. We know no one likes to move and it can be a big ask, but do-it-yourself should not be do-it-by-yourself. It may be easier to have some people help in the morning, afternoon and later to break it up and not tax everyone all day at one time. Feeding your moving crew breakfast, lunch or dinner is vital to saying thank you too!

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