Comparing Container Rental to Moving Truck Rental


Comparing Container Rental to Moving Truck Rental

If you’re moving, then you have a few decisions to make regarding the logistics of your move. One thing that you may be deciding between is the value of renting a moving truck vs. using a container service. Here’s a brief overview that compares the two service types and provides more information about which one might be best for you–

The Basics of Moving Truck Rental

Moving truck rental is a service that most people are familiar with. In a nutshell, you rent a truck, load it on your own, drive it to your new location and unload your items, and then return the truck. You may be asked to get additional insurance for the truck, or insurance may be offered to you by the truck rental company. You’ll pay for the cost of renting the truck, as well as gas in most cases. 

An Overview of Container Rental

Container rental is different. Rather than renting a truck that you fill, you’ll fill a container, which will then be transported to your new location for you. After you unpack, the container company will pick up the container. 

Pros and Cons of Each Service

There are two primary differences between moving truck rental and container rental: 1) who does the driving, and 2) the cost. With moving truck rental, you’re responsible for driving the truck to your new location, whereas with a container rental, the container will be dropped off at your home. 

The costs can vary dramatically depending on what company you’re choosing for services. That being said, affordable truck rental from Elite Truck Rental is a very low-cost option that can help you to save money on your move. In fact, renting a moving truck and loading and unloading it yourself is regarded as one of the most affordable ways to move in general, regardless of from which company you rent the truck.

Another great thing about truck rental is that you can choose what size truck you need for your move, and can move many more things than you can with a container rental alone (containers are typically used for smaller moves only). 

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The services that you choose to assist you with your move are a choice that you’ll have to make yourself. That being said, if you have a lot to move or/and you want to save money on your move, choosing truck rental is probably the best option. To learn more about Elite Truck Rental and our flexible rental policies, our reservation guarantee, and our low-cost truck rentals, please call us today or send us a message at your convenience!

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