How to Choose What to Ditch When You Move 


How to Choose What to Ditch When You Move 

Moving can be a very exciting time, but it can also be a chore. What’s more, if you’re someone who has stuff that’s piled up over the decades, finding the right-sized moving truck or moving van can be difficult, and the last thing that you want to do is to have to make multiple trips! While Elite Truck Rental offers big moving trucks–up to 24-feet!–it’s always best to get the smallest moving truck possible for your move – doing so will save time and conserve gas! That being said, knowing how to choose what you’ll leave behind and not bring to your new home can be tough. Here are some tips for choosing what to ditch when you move:

Always Get Rid of These Items

First, let’s start with what you can nearly always safely get rid of. These are the items that aren’t functional and that don’t offer a lot of sentimental value. In other words, this is the “junk” that’s been piling up in closets and drawers over the years. You can safely get rid of:

  • Old or unused appliances;
  • Extra buttons, odds and ends, and nearly-dead pens;
  • Old media, such as those CDs that not only have you not listened to for a decade but don’t even have a CD player for anymore;
  • Anything that’s so old it’s no longer functional or attractive, such as the blanket with stains and holes; and
  • The extra set of dishes that you’ve never used.

Remember, don’t just put things in the trash! Instead, find out what you can sell, donate, and recycle, first.

Think Twice About These Ones

You’ll have a lot more room once you say goodbye to the items above. Next, think about the items that you may want to hold onto. This includes books, clothes that you like but don’t frequently wear, makeup and body care products that you’ve forgotten you owned, half-burned candles, and appliances that you use occasionally. If you’re really unsure about whether or not you should bring an item, use the Marie Kondo method by asking yourself whether or not the item “sparks joy.” If it doesn’t, toss it.

Hold Onto These – You’ll Want Them in the Future

Finally, be sure to hold onto items that have value or that are sentimental to you. This list ranges from batteries to photographs to favorite books to your childhood stuffed animal. If you think you’ll regret throwing it away, don’t.

Find the Right-Sized Moving Truck for You

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