Benefits of a DIY Move Over Hiring a Moving Company


Benefits of a DIY Move Over Hiring a Moving Company

When it comes to moving, it is such a personal process that is different for each and every mover! While some movers may be contemplating handing off the whole thing to a company, there are many benefits to taking the DIY route on the way to your new place. 

Check out the benefits to taking your next move into your own hands:

On your schedule:

If your moving process is not set in stone or if you have time to really go through your belongings, then you want to follow your own timeline. By being in charge of your process, you will be able to take the time to only take with you what you want and set your own packing and moving dates. This is especially important if you are on a flexible timeline as a company may not be able to change your date quickly and often.

You are in charge:

While some people may want to hand stuff off, others do not want to be totally out of the process. If you are in charge of your own moving, you will be in control of all aspects, including packing up and loading up your moving truck rental. As these are your belongings, you will handle them with the utmost care and concern and be able to keep track of all of your most valuable items and boxes by knowing exactly where they are going in the back of your truck rental.

Only you handle your stuff:

Some movers can be concerned about having their whole life in the hands of strangers. While moving companies are reputable, accidents can help as well as theft or damage to your belongings. Doing the move yourself keeps everything in your hands and allows you to know your most precious pieces are as safe as possible. 

You control the cost:

Moving companies typically have a set pricing plan that depends on how much stuff you have, where you are going and more. There is not much wiggle room as your move is what it is. By being a do-it-yourself mover, you can control your costs and customize your budget. You can save money by ensuring that you have the exact fit for your moving truck rental. Our team members at Elite Truck Rental can help you navigate the decision process. You can also receive help from family and friends to cut moving costs.

There Is No Need to Worry

Once you have scheduled your moving truck rental with our team, you do not have to stress over your vehicle being ready. We have a reservation guarantee, so that you can maintain your moving timeline without the stress of not having your vehicle. We maintain our fleet and keep it clean and ready to go. If you need supplies, you can pick up moving boxes at our place as well. You can connect with our crew via our online contact form.

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