Advantages of Temporary Workers for Moving Your Business


Advantages of Temporary Workers for Moving Your Business

When you run a small business, all the employees you hire are a valuable part of the team. When the business needs to move locations or expand to a new location, you may naturally want to rely on the workers to help with the move.

As you coordinate the move and rent moving trucks, you may want to consider hiring temporary workers to help handle the heavy lifting and operations of the moving trucks. Learn about the advantages of the temporary workers and how you can use them to easily transition into your new business location.


Renting a moving truck is an ideal way to pack up your business and transport as much as you can in one trip. To help save time, hire temporary workers with moving truck experience to make the process easier. An experienced worker will understand how to use and operate the more complicated mechanics of a moving truck.

For example, on the rear of the truck, there are lift gates, ramps, harnesses, and possibly lifts. With an experienced person, all of your equipment, furniture, and business items will be stored safely in the rear of the truck and will be packed properly.

The current employees for your business may not have the experience to operate the various parts of a moving truck. A newly hired worker may also have experience driving and transporting the vehicle. Moving trucks turn differently and park differently than traditional vehicles. An experienced driver will ensure no accidents occur and the operation of the moving truck goes smoothly.


As you plan to move your small business, requesting the help of your employees typically involves asking them to do something out of their job description. The employee may not have to lift heavy items, travel far distances, or unload trucks in their normal workday.

Adding these extra tasks for your employee could create a liability. If an employee gets injured while moving belongings, you may have a worker’s compensation lawsuit on your hands. Injuries could include anything from a pulled muscle to broken bones from falling or having the inability to properly handle furniture.

Avoid any potential problems by hiring workers to go along with the moving truck rental. Employees won’t feel pressured to help, and you avoid problems in the long run. Not only will you avoid lawsuits, but the loss of an employee due to injury could cause you to have to hire someone new, go through training, and lose out on both time and resources. As a small business, elements like this can really impact the flow of your business, especially through a transition period.

Keep the Business Running

Why waste valuable work time from your employees when you have the opportunity to keep your business going smoothly during the transition? Things may not be able to run at full efficiency as you prepare for a move, but your employees can focus on business needs rather than the move at this time.

While other employees keep the business running, a majority of your attention will focus on the move. This allows you to ride in the moving truck, help guide the temporary employees, and set up the new business exactly how you need to. By being hands-on with the move, you have the ability to ensure nothing goes wrong and there is no wasted time on extra moving needs.

Contact us at Elite Truck Rental for more information on our truck rentals, truck sizes, and options for your small business. Planning ahead of time will help you succeed and prevent any problems in the long run when you move.

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