5 Tips for Smart Moving Truck Rental 


5 Tips for Smart Moving Truck Rental 

If you’re planning to move, moving truck rental is an absolute must. But renting a moving truck isn’t a decision you should take lightly – different rental truck companies can vary dramatically in policies, availability, truck sizes, and, perhaps most importantly, cost. If you’re planning to rent a moving truck in Illinois, here are five tips for smart moving truck rental–

  1. Compare Moving Truck Companies

The very first thing that you should do when you know that renting a moving truck is inevitable is to compare moving truck companies. One of the most critical things that you’ll want to pay attention to is moving truck cost; however, you should also note:

  • Policies of each rental truck company;
  • The range of sizes of vehicles available;
  • The company’s reputation and customer reviews; and
  • The experience and history of the company.

Search for a company that is affordable, has a strong reputation, and offers multiple different truck sizes and vehicle types.

  1. Know Which Size Truck You’ll Need

Once you’ve compared companies, the next thing you want to do is estimate what size of rental truck you’ll need. Are you moving the contents of a small, one-bedroom apartment, or the contents of an entire home? Ask the professionals at the truck rental company to help you determine which size moving truck is most appropriate for your needs.

  1. Consider Insurance

Before you rent your truck, consider insurance. Insurance is definitely mandatory for moving truck rental, but depending on your personal auto insurance policy, you’ll either be covered under your existing policy or will need to purchase insurance from the truck rental company. Call your insurer and talk to the truck rental company to discuss your options.

  1. Ask About Moving Equipment

Chances are high that you’ll need moving equipment to ensure a smooth move. At the very least, you’ll likely need boxes, furniture pads, and tape. You may also need pallet jacks, a dolly, and straps and rope. If you don’t have these supplies on hand, talk to the truck rental company to see what’s available. At Elite Truck Rental, we sell and rent moving supplies at a low cost.

  1. Rent Early

Finally, once you know what size truck you’ll need and which company you’ll be choosing for moving truck rental, make your reservation! Renting a truck early helps to ensure that the truck size you need will be available at your preferred date and time. And, once you have a reservation with Elite Truck Rental, that reservation is guaranteed.

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