5 Reasons You Need a Rental Truck When You Spring Clean


5 Reasons You Need a Rental Truck When You Spring Clean

As the last snowfall melts and temperatures finally begin to rise, you have likely already begun to make your spring cleaning to-do list. Whether you simply want to deep-clean a few problem areas or tackle your home from top to bottom, the right tools can be crucial during the spring cleaning process.

You may have your cleaning supplies and garbage lined up, but you may still be missing one vital piece of equipment: a rental truck. In this blog, we list five common reasons you may need a rental truck as you declutter, renovate, or deep-clean this spring.

You’re Cleaning Up After a Landscaping Project

A harsh winter can seem to alter all of the landscaping around your home. Whether you need to clean up fallen branches or want to install a new piece of hardscaping, projects often require you to move large items back and forth.

Spring is ideal for planting and other outdoor projects. Use a rental truck to bring trees home from a nursery, transport pavers, and increase your garbage-carrying capacity.

You’re Doing Home Improvements

Many homeowners opt to begin home improvement projects in the springtime when the weather has become temperate but is not yet hot. Like landscaping projects, home improvement tasks can require a large amount of logistics, from coordinating equipment and materials to handling waste disposal.

Many of the materials and equipment you’ll need for common home improvement projects, like refinishing your floors or creating an addition, are too large or heavy for the average personal vehicle. Consider renting a truck to ensure that you don’t have to delay your project because you can’t quite squeeze the floor sander or roof beams into your vehicle.

You’re Hauling Loads to the Dump

Even if you don’t have a large-scale project slated for this spring, you may be surprised at how much trash leaves your house during the decluttering process. If your normal garbage pickups cannot adequately handle the junk and waste you remove from your basement, garage, and attic, consider hauling loads to your nearest dump.

A rental truck can be a great way to reduce the number of trips you need to take to the dump.

You’re Making Large Donations

Many homeowners take the opportunity to freshen up their home decor during spring cleaning. In some cases, this change of decoration means getting rid of several large furnishings, like couches or bed frames.

If your donation pile seems to grow exponentially before your eyes, consider renting a truck. With a large enough truck, you can load up the back, drive to your chosen donation center, and unload once rather than repeatedly loading up and transporting donation items with your personal vehicle.

You’re Using a Self-Storage Unit

Springtime is the season when homeowners are most likely to have major turnover in their storage units. You may have holiday decorations to pack away and summertime clothing to pull out for washing and integration into your wardrobe.

When you rent a truck, you have the ability to take all of your drop-off items to your storage unit and pack up all your bring-home items right away. Many truck rental companies even offer units large enough to transport small recreational toys like jet skis and ATVs back and forth.

If you find yourself facing one of the challenges listed above, reserve your rental truck early to ensure the best price and a flexible schedule that works with your overall spring cleaning plan.

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