5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Rental Truck 


5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Rental Truck 

When you are planning for a move and are thinking about renting a moving truck, there are a few questions to ask yourself before selecting a truck or truck rental company. Here are five questions that we encourage our renters to think about before making a reservation–

  1. How Much Stuff Do I Have?

The very first thing that you think about should be obvious – how much stuff do you have? How much you need to move will not only have an impact on what size of moving truck you need, but whether or not you even need a truck in the first place. Instead of a truck, you may be able to rent an Econoline van if you’re only moving a few personal items.

  1. Do I Need to Purchase Additional Insurance?

In choosing a rental truck and a rental truck company, you must think about insurance. First, talk to your current motor vehicle insurance provider to get some more information about whether or not your policy will cover you when you’re driving a rental truck. Even if it does–and certainly if it does not–you may want to purchase additional insurance from the truck rental company. Talk to the rental company to learn more about insurance prices and offerings.

  1. Is There a Way to Save Money on My Rental?

You should think about whether or not there are any strategies for reducing how much you need to spend on a truck rental. For example, would it be less expensive to rent one large truck and do your move all in one go, or is it more economical to rent a smaller truck and take a couple of loads? What about dropping the truck off in a different location? Topping off the tank vs. returning it half empty? These are all important considerations.

  1. When Do I Need the Truck?

Of course, you won’t just be thinking about how much stuff you have to move, but when you want to move. When you want to move is an important consideration, as you’ll want to reserve a truck rental reservation as early as possible, especially if you’ll be moving during the early season. Fortunately, when you reserve with Elite Truck Rental, your reservation is guaranteed.

  1. What Other Amenities Does the Truck/Truck Rental Company Provide?

When thinking about ways to save money and general ways to increase the simplicity and convenience of your move, you should also think about other amenities that the truck rental company may provide. For example, do they have supplies and equipment available for rent? Is there a reservation guarantee? Does the truck come equipped with a power liftgate or e-track rails?

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