5 Moving Box Tips


5 Moving Box Tips

5 Moving Box Tips

Moving never makes it very high on people’s “love to do” list. Below are five easy tips for moving more efficiently and with less stress, too.

  • Plan Ahead — We all like to avoid thinking about something as stressful as a move, but a little planning can go a long way. Start packing early. Some items you own rarely get used. You can cut down on the stress of your moving day by already having several boxes packed a few weeks in advance. Also, planning ahead leads into our next big tip:
  • Reduce the Load — One quick way to make moving easier is to reduce the number of items and boxes that you will be moving. Give old toys and unused belongings to charity. Eat or give away some of the food that has been crowding your pantry. Say goodbye to old houseplants. All of these items add up to a lot, and you can save a lot of space and save on the amount of boxes you’ll have to move if you can cut some out.
  • A Felt Tipped Marker Is Your Friend — Label, label, label. Is this box full of kitchen supplies? It’ll need to be unpacked soon upon arrival. Is this box full of Christmas decorations? If so, it probably doesn’t need to be unpacked at all and can go straight into storage. Properly marking your moving boxes will help save you from tearing into boxes later on, hunting for that one item that you just can’t find.
  • Pack According to Rooms — This may seem like a no-brainer, but at some point in the packing process, you’re likely to just feel like throwing anything in a box and sealing it with tape. Packing according to rooms, however, will prevent you from having to hunt through dad’s shop tools to find that toilet bowl scrubber.
  • Load Essentials Last — Moving boxes are great for organizing and compartmentalizing. One of your last boxes on the truck should be planned around what you’d want off the truck first: some food, water, toilet paper, and a few other essentials. That way, when you arrive at your new residence, you won’t have to go digging through the moving truck because a family member is stuck in the bathroom without the proper toiletries.

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