5 Items You Need for Your Big Move


5 Items You Need for Your Big Move

When moving day comes around, there’s plenty of stress that comes with it. After all, you’re uprooting your life and moving it somewhere else, and that huge transition alone can cause some anxiety. All that said a move is also the start of a whole new world of possibilities, giving you the chance to move towards the next chapter in your life. Staying organized throughout the process — especially if you are moving a long distance — will help you keep your stress to a minimum before you settle into your new life. And a massive part of staying organized is making sure you have the right supplies for the project.

Here are five items you should make sure you have before you move!

  • Moving Truck

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but many movers focus so much on the tiny details of their moves that they neglect the largest and most important portions until the end. While some accommodating moving companies will guarantee their truck rentals up until the very last minute, you always want to book your truck well in advance. That way, you can scope out the options and pick a vehicle that is the perfect size for your needs. If you’re getting ready for a long-distance move, you should always scale up your expectations to guarantee that all your things will fit in one trip.

  • Lots and Lots of Boxes

When you’re planning out a large-scale move, organization is key. You always want to store similar items near one another, so you can easily pull them out and carry into the proper room when it comes time to unpack. With all that in mind, boxes are usually your best bet — whether you want to go with high-quality cardboard or plastic totes. Boxes stack easily with one another, and will also offer a level of protection (especially when paired with packing peanuts or bubble wrap) that is better than duffle bags or other packing options. You can even write their destination on the side using a marker, seriously speeding up the process once you get to your new home!

  • Dollies/Pallet Jack

From heavy furniture to bulky appliances (your fridge, dishwasher, etc.), you may need some kind of equipment to get your items into the back of the truck. Wheeled dollies or a pallet jack can help you out with that, hauling your heaviest stuff to the waiting truck. From there, you can use the power lift-gate (a feature of many larger vehicles), or a ramp to get the rest of the way inside.

  • Straps/Cables

This one goes hand-in-hand with the dollies and pallet jacks. One of the biggest challenges you face when you are moving long-distance, is making sure your larger and heavier items are well-secured for the trip. You are going to hit a lot of bumps, inclines, abrupt stops, and sharp turns during your trip, and you’ll want to make sure your heaviest items aren’t tipping over on your more fragile ones. Many trucks come with e-rails, which you can use — along with straps — to tie down your bulkiest things.

  • Some Kind of Lock

Oft-overlooked, you should always bring a lock (combination or padlock) you can secure to the back of your truck. After all, until you get to your new place, this truck holds your entire life. The last thing you want is a break-in while you stop to eat or fill the gas tank.

A Safe Move!

While the list could go on and on, these are five items you’ll definitely need ahead of your move. If you’re planning on moving, Elite Truck Rental has many of these items in stock and ready to go! Give us a call to learn more, or stop by our Chicago location and check out our fleet of 150+ vehicles. Happy moving!

September 10, 2019

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