4 Tips for Organizing Transportation for Short-Term Corporate Needs


4 Tips for Organizing Transportation for Short-Term Corporate Needs

From food drives to trade shows, sales events to corporate sporting tournaments, your organization needs dependable transportation to haul bulky items. As a business, your bottom line matters where transportation is concerned, especially if outsourced transportation is a service you need occasionally.

With careful consideration, you can make transportation arrangements that save you money every time. Read on for tips on organizing transportation for your corporate needs.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Consider the items you are looking to transport to determine whether you need to rent a van or truck.

Account for the size, length, width, height, and weight of the items you want to transport, and compare this to the carrying capacity at the back of the van or truck. Also, consider how you want to organize the items.

Pay attention to the vehicle’s payload, which is the maximum weight the vehicle can carry. Select a vehicle whose payload can safely accommodate the weight of the items you are transporting. If you plan to travel with other people, find a vehicle with the appropriate seating capacity.

Look for transport vans or trucks that come with loading and unloading devices such as e-track rails, power lift gates, and pull-out ramps for safety and convenience.

Speak to a reputable provider if you are unsure about the right size and type of vehicle that best suits your needs.

Map Out the Routes

Manage costs by planning the transport routes, as well as delivery and drop-off events. Consider whether you need to drop off and pick up items at and from distinctly diverse routes.

Understanding the routes and the activities that will take place along the way can help you determine whether it is more cost effective to use one vehicle to meet all the routing needs or whether an additional vehicle will be required for purposes of efficiency.

Aim to make your transportation plan as simple as possible to avoid last-minute inconveniences that could reflect poorly on your business.

Develop a Transportation Management Plan

If you occasionally transport bulky items but do not want to buy a van or truck, consider setting up a transportation management plan for your outsourced transportation with a reputable provider.

A formal transportation management plan allows you to budget for office transportation expenses and actually factor these costs into your business accounting books.

Partnering with a reputable vehicle rentals provider also allows you access to a seamless reservation system that lets you plan your transportation needs and access appropriate transportation any time.

Be sure to evaluate your transport management program regularly to determine the program’s overall effectiveness. Do not be afraid to renegotiate the terms of your contract with your van or truck rental company in the event that your transportation needs or organizational circumstances change.

Plan for Eventualities

Even when working with the best vehicle rental company, accidents could still happen. When choosing a vehicle rental company, ask about the type of support they offer in the event of a breakdown.

Ideally, a provider should have several vehicles to facilitate quick replacement in case of a vehicle breakdown. In addition to having backup vehicles, ask your provider about emergency response and recovery services.

The cost of ground transportation can add up quickly, but a solid plan helps you to anticipate and manage these expenses while protecting your bottom line. Collaborating with a vehicle rental provider for your corporate transportation needs is a smart decision.

At Elite Truck Rental, we simplify business transportation needs. Whether you need to hire a van or a truck to haul important business goods, we have the right vehicle for your needs. Call us today to learn more about our corporate truck rental service in Chicago, IL.

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