4 Stress-Saving Tips on Moving Day


4 Stress-Saving Tips on Moving Day

Planning for a move is very exciting, but in the midst of all that eagerness and anticipation, you may also find that you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, too. While a little stress and anxiety is an expected part of all big moves and life changes, there are some things that you can do now to mitigate tension on moving day.

1 – Get an Accurate Moving Truck Quote

Nothing can be more frustrating and stressful than planning to pay a certain amount for your moving truck and moving day expenses, and then getting handed a bill that’s much greater than you expected. The best way to avoid this is to get an accurate moving truck quote for your actual moving day (prices can vary based on season, the day of the week, etc.). When you get your quote, make sure you ask about things like:

  • Returns – What day do you need to have the truck back by?
  • Size – Will getting a larger moving truck affect your costs? Can the moving truck company guarantee your reservation so you’re not stuck with a more expensive vehicle?
  • Gas costs – You’ll probably be responsible for paying for gas. Ask the moving truck company how much gas the vehicle you’re renting takes, and factor in this cost.
  • Equipment – Are you purchasing or renting any equipment from the moving truck company?
  • Mileage charges – Figure out how many miles are included in your rental, and how the company will charge you for any miles over the number specified.

2 – Pack in Advance

Something that can cause way more stress than it’s worth is waiting until moving day to finish packing. By packing everything at least a few days in advance, you’ll have a better understanding of how much room you need, and when moving day comes, you can easily load the truck without having to worry about tying up loose odds and ends.

3 – Get all Documents for the Moving Truck Ready

Renting a moving truck is an essential part of moving, but if you’re not prepared with the proper paperwork and documents on moving day, you may end up being unable to rent the truck, or delayed in packing and hitting the road. Talk to the rental truck company to figure out exactly what documents you’ll need. Things that will likely be required include:

  • A driver’s license (check to see if the moving truck company has any age requirements for renting, and if so, make sure your driver meets this requirement);
  • Insurance – either personal insurance or insurance offered through the moving truck company; and
  • Funds – whether you’re paying in cash or credit card, be sure that you’re prepared to offer the moving truck company money for the rental.

4 – Plan Your Route

Finally, take some time to figure out your route for getting to your destination, especially if you’re driving to a place which you’ve never been before. Driving a moving truck can already be stressful; take some of the pressure off by familiarizing yourself with where it is you’re going before you’re behind the wheel.

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