Truck Rental with Liftgate Chicago


Truck Rental with Liftgate Chicago

Make Your Move Easier with Truck Rental with Liftgate in Chicago

At Elite Truck Rental, our team has the vehicles, supplies and know-how to turn the dial down on your moving stress! Our fleet is full with more than 150 vehicles for you to choose from, and we can help guide you to select the right van or truck depending on your needs. The varied sizes that we have on our lots ensures that you will be able to get to where you are going with everything that you need. Whether you are moving across the country or just need to set up some tables and chairs for a special work event, you can count on us for the best vehicle rental.

Find Your Fit for a Truck Rental with Liftgate in Chicago

At the top of our offerings are our largest trucks that are 24 feet long. These larger trucks are meant for the amount of belongings that would fit into nine rooms. The power liftgate is vital to moving your large and heavier objects up into the back of the truck. This larger vehicle also has a capacity load of 10,000 pounds. On the other end of our scale is an Econoline Van for about one to two rooms of stuff. This van is perfect for a move from an apartment or if your business needs an extra vehicle with extra space.

In the middle of these two types of vehicles are a 15-foot truck and 16-foot truck. These can carry and transport between three and five rooms of belongings. These are closer in size, so we can discuss with you exactly what your needs are. You want enough room in the truck, but on the other hand, you should not pay for a larger truck if you do not need it.

Our Truck Rental with Liftgate for Your Chicago Move

We strive to be the best at what we do and have a great relationship with our clients. Our team will have your vehicle ready for you when you come to pick it up. We clean our fleet of vehicles thoroughly between clients, so your truck or van is nice and fresh for you. Please make sure to bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance when you come out to our lot. You can also be covered by purchasing liability insurance directly from us. We encourage you to take the time to really look around and see if there are any issues with the vehicle that we should document prior to you leaving our place.

Remember our vehicles are larger and heavier and tend to not have the best gas mileage. Please plan your trip with gas station stops in mind.

Your Chicago Truck Rental with Liftgate is Waiting for You

When you are ready, we are here for you! Contact the team at Elite today through our online form.

Our Vehicles

Econoline Van

1-2 rooms

15 Foot Truck

3-4 rooms

16 Foot Truck

4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

What We’re All About

Ensure that your move goes smoothly.

With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.

When you rent from Elite, you’ll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.

Elite also has a reservation guarantee.

Elite Is Always here For You.

Turn to Elite Truck Rental for personal, dedicated service that will make your moving day easier.

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