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South Loop Moving Trucks

Elite Truck Rental Vehicles Stand Ready For Your Move

Are you stressed about moving to your new place? We understand the stress that surrounds moving to a new place. When you are taking the do-it-yourself route, you will need a moving truck that will best fit your stuff.

So, now that you’ve signed your lease or finalized your mortgage papers, it’s time to plan and take the initial steps on your way to your new space in the South Loop.

First, contact us to discuss everything that you will need to pack up and transport your belongings. We strive to make reserving a moving truck as easy as possible. You have enough on your mind when you are making a big change, such as a move.

Service You Expect

Working in the Chicago area since 1979, we know a thing or two about moving! This translates to how we work with South Loop community members and the type of service we strive to offer every day. Because we have over 150 vans and trucks to rent out, you are guaranteed that your vehicle is ready for you when you are!

Getting Organized

Now that your mind is at ease knowing that our moving trucks stand ready, you can begin tackling the task of packing up your stuff for your new place. At Elite Truck Rental, you will find we are a one-stop shop for all of your moving needs. Not only will you receive quality and clean vehicles and expert advice, but also supplies that are necessary to pack and organize items.

While your own laundry bins and plastic totes are a good start, you will also need additional packing supplies. We provide a variety of sizes for all of your belongings to fit in just right.

Even if you have items that are an odd shape, we have boxes in the dimensions that you need. We have small, medium, large and wardrobe moving boxes as well as rope and furniture pads. We also have hand trucks: box, appliance, and 4-wheel dolly.

Tips For Your Moving Plan

With more than 35 years of experience, you can say we know a thing or two about moving at Elite Truck Rental! We have found that moving can be eased by trying to plan ahead as much as possible. If you can, start packing up your stuff early on and stay organized by labeling our moving boxes. Consider using colored stickers or tape for certain rooms. Then, you can place the corresponding colors on the door of the rooms that the items belong in. This means you won’t have to take the time to explain to anyone helping you move what goes where as there will be a visual aid.

If you have decided to not bring along your old dining room set or easy chair on our South Loop moving trucks to your new space, consider selling on your favorite online site. You could generate some cash for your new place!

South Loop Moving Trucks Available Year-round

Since 1979, Elite Truck Rental has been serving the South Loop community and providing moving trucks. Visit us at 265 N. Western Ave. in Chicago or call (312) 942-1001. We also have online reservations.

Our Vehicles

Econoline Van

1-2 rooms

15 Foot Truck

3-4 rooms

16 Foot Truck

4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

What We’re All About

Ensure that your move goes smoothly.

With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.

When you rent from Elite, you’ll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.

Elite also has a reservation guarantee.

Elite Is Always here For You.

Turn to Elite Truck Rental for personal, dedicated service that will make your moving day easier.

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