South Chicago Truck Rental


South Chicago Truck Rental

Knowing that there’s a trusted company near you when you need a rental truck in South Chicago is a comfort. At Elite Truck Rental, we have been providing superior rental truck services to customers in Illinois for years, and we are ready to help you reserve the truck that you need. Reach us today online or by phone to get started.

Top Reasons for Reserving a South Chicago Truck Rental

Clients come to our company for a variety of reasons; most of the time, we rent our South Chicago trucks to those who are planning for an across-city or state move. However, our clients also use our truck rental services for:

  • Moving awkwardly-shaped or heavy items;
  • Transporting weightlifting and other exercise equipment; and
  • Transporting a piece of furniture from the store to home.

Renting a moving truck has numerous benefits. Whatever you need a truck rental for–or, for that matter, a van rental–we can help. So long as it’s legal, we’re on board!

Features of Our Truck Rentals

We want to make sure that when you choose Elite Truck Rental, you’re not sacrificing quality. That’s why all of our trucks are well-maintained, regularly serviced, and always thoroughly cleaned between customers. In addition, features that you can look forward to include:

  • 15-foot, 16-foot, and 24-foot trucks;
  • Trucks big enough to transport up to nine rooms’ worth of items and furniture;
  • Automatic transmission; and
  • E-track rails and power-lift gates on our bigger vehicles.

In addition to great trucks, we also have moving supplies and equipment available for rent or purchase, too. Check out our website to learn more about the available equipment and supplies we offer.

Why Work with Elite Truck Rental?

There are numerous different South Chicago truck rental companies – why choose Elite Truck Rental?

  • Affordability. We aren’t just passionate about renting moving trucks and vans – we’re passionate about making sure that truck rental is affordable. We keep our prices low while also making quality a top priority.
  • Options. When you choose our South Chicago truck rental company, you won’t be limited to a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that you may need a truck that’s small or large (or perhaps an Econoline van), that you may require your truck rental for hours or days, and that you may need to add another driver to your policy. We keep our options flexible so working with us is always simple, not frustrating.
  • Reservation guarantee. When you make a truck rental reservation with us, that reservation is guaranteed. When you come to pick your truck up, we promise that it will be ready to go.
  • Customer service. Even a company with the best product in the world isn’t worth working with if they don’t prioritize the customer experience. When you choose our team, you can count on employees and managers who want to make sure you’re satisfied. If you have an issue, question, or complaint, we’ll make sure it’s resolved quickly and to your standards.

Reserve Your South Chicago Truck Rental Today

If you are in need of a truck rental in South Chicago, we have you covered. Reach out to us today by calling our team at 312-942-1001, or by sending us a reservation request using the form found on our website.

Our Vehicles

Econoline Van

1-2 rooms

15 Foot Truck

3-4 rooms

16 Foot Truck

4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

What We’re All About

Ensure that your move goes smoothly.

With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.

When you rent from Elite, you’ll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.

Elite also has a reservation guarantee.

Elite Is Always here For You.

Turn to Elite Truck Rental for personal, dedicated service that will make your moving day easier.

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