Rental Vans in Chicago


Rental Vans in Chicago

Having a vehicle that’s big enough to transport boxes, personal items, recreational equipment, and more can be a major benefit. You may need a vehicle like this if you’re moving, if you’ve just bought something large and awkwardly sized that needs to be transported to your home, or if you’re moving things to the trash or donation center. Businesses may also need vehicles that can handle larger loads for deliveries and other business matters. While there may be various vehicle options to choose from, rental vans in Chicago are one of the best. To learn more about rental vans in Chicago from Elite Truck Rental, call us directly today.

Our Econoline Vans

At Elite Truck Rental, we maintain a fleet of over 150 vehicles. One of the most popular vehicle types we offer for rental is our Econoline vans. These vans are perfect for the person who needs a larger-than-average vehicle for a move or to transport large and heavy items, but doesn’t need something the size of a moving truck to get the job done. Features of our Econoline vans include:

  • 250 cubic feet of space – that’s enough for one to two rooms’ worth of personal items;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • 35-gallon fuel tank; and
  • Up to 1,000 pounds of load capacity.

Why Book with Elite Truck Rental

In addition to being the perfect hard-working vehicle for deliveries and small moves, when you rent from Elite Truck Rental, you’ll also be getting a high level of customer service and you’ll benefit from the knowledge that you’re working with a trusted van rental company in Chicago. Things to look forward to when you rent from us include:

  • Reservation guarantee. We maintain a reservation guarantee as part of our policy and approach to customer service, which means that when you make a reservation with us, we promise that we’ll have the vehicle you request ready at the time when you request it. You never have to worry about us giving away your vehicle.
  • Low-cost vehicle rental. One thing that sets our van rental company apart from other vehicle rental companies in Chicago is the fact that our mission is centered on offering low-cost vehicle rentals. You won’t find a more affordable price on Econoline van rentals in Chicago. If you do, let us know.
  • Reliable vehicles. We wouldn’t be proud of the fact that we offer low-cost vehicle rental services if we weren’t also proud of the fact that our vehicles are reliable, well-maintained, regularly inspected, and clean. We want to make sure that our vehicles are as safe and reliable as they are inexpensive.

Call Us Today for Rental Vans in Chicago

Whether you need to use a rental van for business delivery, to move to a new apartment, or to transport a heavy item to a new location, our rental vans in Chicago are a great option. Making a reservation with Elite Truck Rental is easy. You can call us directly for reservation services or use our website to make your reservation online. Reach out to us with any questions that you have.

Our Vehicles

Econoline Van

1-2 rooms

15 Foot Truck

3-4 rooms

16 Foot Truck

4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

What We’re All About

Ensure that your move goes smoothly.

With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.

When you rent from Elite, you’ll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.

Elite also has a reservation guarantee.

Elite Is Always here For You.

Turn to Elite Truck Rental for personal, dedicated service that will make your moving day easier.

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