Moving Supplies Chicago


Moving Supplies Chicago

Planning for a move requires thinking about numerous different elements. If you’ve already selected the where and the when, the next steps involve renting a moving vehicle, considering hiring a moving crew, and getting organized and starting to pack. At Elite Truck Rental, we know how stressful a move can be, which is why our company is committed to doing everything we can to make your move go as smoothly as possible. In addition to renting reliable and affordable moving vans and trucks to customers throughout the Chicago area, we also offer numerous moving supplies, too.

Our Moving Supplies and Equipment for Customers in Chicago

We offer all of the moving supplies and equipment that you could possibly need when getting ready to relocate in Chicago. Some of the supplies that you’ll surely want to consider purchasing include:

  • Moving boxes. Perhaps the most essential items for home or business owners who are planning to relocate are moving boxes. We offer moving boxes of various sizes, including small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, and wardrobe boxes. Of course, we have you covered with moving tape, too.
  • Appliance dollies. Moving multiple boxes, particularly heavy boxes (like the one that contains the entire contents of your bookshelf), or heavy and awkwardly-shaped appliances (like your washing machine and clothes dryer) can be impossible without an appliance dolly. An appliance dolly allows you to easily wheel the heaviest of items into your moving truck, reducing the physical stress on your body and eliminating the need for multiple people to move a single item. We offer both traditional appliance dollies and four-wheeled dollies.
  • Furniture pads. If you want to protect your furniture from any damage that’s possible during a move, investing in furniture pads is a wise idea. These provide a light cushioning between your furniture and other items, reducing the risk of scrapes and chips to the furniture. We offer furniture pads for only $1.00 a day!
  • A pallet jack. A pallet jack is a piece of equipment that is typically rented by commercial business owners/managers who are tasked with moving heavy pallets. A pallet jack takes the hassle out of this job and is able to move up to 4,400 pounds at a single time. Using a pallet jack is not only easy but safer, too.

In addition to the above items, we also have rope and e-track straps available for purchase too.

Low-Cost Moving Supplies You Can Count On

Moving supplies are a very necessary part of moving, but the price of moving supplies can add up quickly. If you’re looking to save money on your move, choosing our low-cost moving supplies is a must. We keep the prices of all our products and services, including both moving supply costs and vehicle rental costs, low and affordable.

Get Your Chicago Moving Supplies Today

If you are planning a move in Chicago, moving supplies are a must. Our moving supplies are affordable, and we have everything you need. Call our company today or reach out to us online to learn more about services and pricing.

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