McKinley Park Rental Trucks


McKinley Park Rental Trucks

At Elite Truck Rental, our McKinley Park rental trucks are precisely what you’ve been looking for if you need a large vehicle for a move. Our trucks come in a variety of different sizes, are well-maintained and assessed for safety, and, importantly, are low-cost. We know that renting a truck is sometimes a necessity – we don’t want you to have to spend more than you have to get the truck you need. To learn more, please call our McKinley Park rental truck professionals today. 

Reasons to Rent a McKinley Park Rental Truck

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a McKinley Park rental truck. Some of the most common reasons that we serve customers throughout the area include:

  • You’re moving – if you’re moving to a new location, then you’ll almost certainly need a rental truck to help get you there;
  • You own a business, and your business needs a reliable truck rental company to help with shipments, moves, the transportation of large items, etc.;
  • You just bought something big, such as exercise or recreation equipment, and you need a large truck to get it from the store to your home; or
  • You’re cleaning your home and you have lots of things that need to go, such as old furniture, boxes of clothes and appliances, etc.

Have another reason in mind for a truck rental? No problem – just call our team and we’ll help you get set up with the right truck for your needs.

Truck Rental Services: Rental Trucks, Supplies, and Equipment

At Elite Truck Rental, we offer a range of different vehicle options to meet your needs, including 15-foot trucks, 16-foot trucks, and large 24-foot trucks. We also have Econoline vans available for rent. In addition to our trucks for rent, though, we also offer all of the moving supplies and equipment you could need, ranging from boxes to furniture pads to appliance dollies to pallet jacks and more. If you need something specific, don’t hesitate to just ask us. 

Why Choose Elite Truck Rental?

We have been in business in McKinley Park and throughout the state of Illinois for decades, and there’s a reason for that – we operate with integrity and put our customers first. When you choose Elite Truck Rental for your truck rental services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Low-cost options, as we strive to keep our prices low and our services affordable for our customers;
  • Options related to the vehicle you need, with different options of trucks to choose from;
  • Flexible rental policies that allow you to add another driver, keep the truck for as long as you need, and more;
  • A reservation guarantee that gives you peace of mind and comfort in knowing that your reservation will be ready when you schedule it; and
  • Customer support throughout the process – our team is available to answer any questions you have and resolve any concerns.


Reserve Your McKinley Park Truck Rental Today

If you have questions about truck rental in McKinley Park, our team can help. Please call us today or send us a message online to learn more or make your McKinley Park truck rental reservation now.

Our Vehicles

Econoline Van

1-2 rooms

15 Foot Truck

3-4 rooms

16 Foot Truck

4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

What We’re All About

Ensure that your move goes smoothly.

With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.

When you rent from Elite, you’ll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.

Elite also has a reservation guarantee.

Elite Is Always here For You.

Turn to Elite Truck Rental for personal, dedicated service that will make your moving day easier.

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