Econoline Van Rental Chicago


Econoline Van Rental Chicago

Econoline Van Rental for Your Apartment Move near Chicago

Truck rentals are a vital resource for not only your move, but also your special events. At Elite Truck Rental, we have found that many members of our communities have an essential need for another vehicle that can help them transport items or move somewhere new. Our fleet of more than 150 vehicles includes both box trucks and Econoline vans. All of our vehicles will fit different types of moves or events. We have available a smaller 15-foot box truck or a larger 24-foot truck, depending on if your home has a few rooms or many! Our team has worked in the moving industry for years, and we are happy to offer you advice and guidance, so that you rent a vehicle that works best for you. 

Econoline Van Rental Can Make Your Chicago Special Event Easier

Our Econoline vans can assist our customers with a range of events and moves. As the smallest vehicle in our fleet, the vans are a versatile and budget-friendly option when you live in an apartment. The back has room for about one to two rooms of stuff with 250 cubic feet. Its load capacity is 1,000 pounds. Even if you own or have access to a pickup truck, an Econoline van can help keep your items safe and secure in the back if you are worried about weather or wind while driving down the highway. You do not want to see your stuff blowing out of the bed of the truck when you are going 60 or more mph! That is where an Econoline van comes in with its enclosed area.

A van is also ideal when you are planning a special event, such as an anniversary or milestone birthday party or an open house for graduation. When you have large amounts of items to move to another location, a van can really help. You can fit tables, chairs, decorations or gifts all safely in the back. Having more space will allow you to make fewer trips and save you time when you are trying to get everything related to the event completed.

Econoline Van Rental and More Near Chicago

For a larger move, our fleet also includes a 15-foot, 16-foot or 24-foot option. These all have varied amounts of room in the back. The larger sizes also have a liftgate, which will make putting in and taking out your stuff even easier. Our offices also have on-hand a mix of moving supplies. We have a range of moving boxes that go from small to a large wardrobe size. You can purchase these from us as you begin to pack up your stuff or if you need boxes to organize items for your special event.

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1-2 rooms

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3-4 rooms

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4-5 rooms

24 Foot Truck

9 rooms or more

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