Cargo Vans for Rent Chicago


Cargo Vans for Rent Chicago

Cargo Vans for Rent Help With Your Chicago Move or Event

Moving can create a lot of headaches, but your cargo van or box truck rental does not need to be one of them! Our crew members at Elite Truck Rental know our industry and business, so that we have the knowledge base to help you determine what size truck or van is best suited to fit your particular move and belongings. There is no need to rent a huge truck if you are only going from an apartment to a small home. You do not need to pay for space that you will not be utilizing. We can go over with you what we have in our fleet and determine the best rental for you. We take great care of all of our vehicles by keeping them clean and sanitized as well as maintained mechanically, so you can feel safe and secure during your trip.

Cargo Vans for Rent Get You to Your New Chicago Space

A cargo van is a convenient way to move your belongings out of your small home or apartment without having to rely on your friends and family members’ vehicles or trying to cram everything you own into your own personal vehicle. A cargo van is meant to do the heavy lifting of moving all of your stuff. Our vans have 250 cubic feet in the back and can handle up to 1,000 pounds. Vans are a good choice instead of a box truck not only because they are easier to drive and park, but also because they cost less than a larger box truck. If you are not sure what vehicle from our fleet will fit your move the best, we are happy to discuss your options with us and help you determine what is best to rent.

While our Econoline vans are often used for small moves to new homes, they are also a great resource for when you are having a large personal or corporate event. A cargo van can be put into place to help transport any large tables, lots of chairs, decorations, presents, food-serving supplies and more to your event location near Chicago. Having a large space in the back of a van allows you to move more items at once and can save you time as you are hosting your special event.

Cargo Vans for Rent and Beyond in Chicago

If you are in need of supplies and tools to help with your move or event, our crew can rent you a pallet jack, which will help you move large pallets around easier, or dollys to move large and heavy boxes or pieces of furniture. We also have moving boxes available for purchase in small, medium, large or wardrobe sizes.

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