Moving Truck Rental in United Center Park, IL

United Center Park has experienced a lot of development recently, with new homes and new businesses appearing each year. At Elite Truck Rental, we look forward to helping the many people and businesses who are moving to and from United Center Park.

Since 1979, Elite Truck Rental has rented out many different vehicles, so you can choose the one you prefer. Most importantly, our moving truck rental process is quick and painless.

Our Vehicle Options

Whether you’re moving from a small apartment or moving an entire business in United Center Park, IL, we have an option for you. We offer:

  • Moving trucks
  • Vans
  • Cars

If you’re moving long distance, we also offer one-way Penske truck rentals.

Personal Service

When you reserve a vehicle, your vehicle is absolutely guaranteed. Even during busy times, we will have your vehicle ready for you on the day you need it. We’ll also provide other items you need, including dollies, boxes, and tape.

Reserving your vehicle is a quick, stress-free process—and when you come in to pick up your vehicle, we’ll make sure you’re in and out within a few minutes.

Call us today for van rental in United Center Park, IL at 312.942.1001, or visit our reservation page.

What We’re All About

  • With over 150 trucks and vans, Elite is sure to have the size you need, when you need it.
  • Elite also "Guarantees Reservations."
  • When you rent from Elite, you'll know your truck or van is there when you arrive to pick it up.
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