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5 Reasons Why Your Band Should Rent Rather Than Own a Touring Van

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If your band is about to hit the road for a tour, you’re definitely considering how you’re going to transport your band and your gear. You may be dreaming of finding a used van you can call your own. However, most experts agree that buying your own band van really isn’t economically wise until your band is touring frequently.

It’s best to rent a touring van until you’re doing shows at least one weekend a month for a year or more. There are five other key reasons why a novice touring band should rent rather than own a band van.

You Truly Can Fit It All

There’s a reason why the Econoline is considered by some to be the official touring vehicle of beginning bands. It hauls a ton, accommodates over 200 cubic feet of gear, and has a healthy 35-gallon gas tank to carry you over desolate stretches of highway when all of the gas stations are closed.

With all of that van space, you can bring the foot pedals, speakers, and backup guitars you need. There’s room for clothes, pillows, and all of the extras that make life on tour bearable. Many commercial rental vans also have plenty of anchor points inside the cargo area, so you can secure heavy items including speakers and amp cases. You won’t find this safety feature in Mom’s soccer van.

Once you fit all of the pieces of your band puzzle into the cargo area, take pictures of each layer as you unpack it again. Then, take more pictures as you pack it back up to confirm how everything is loaded. You can either make a diagram of the arrangement, or print out the pictures of the load process to keep in your important tour document folder. (You do have one of those, right?)

You Blend In With the Scene

If you decide to tour with two of your bandmates’ cars or a friend’s old beater van, you’re going to call the wrong sort of attention to yourselves eventually. First of all, it’s hard to cover up valuable band equipment stacked in the backseat. This gear arrangement attracts thieves who will end your tour fast if you’re not shrewd.

Second, the dual cars with out-of-town tags look suspicious in some areas and open you up to double the problems with breakdowns, law enforcement stops, and parking spaces. If your car is covered in band stickers or otherwise looks “different,” there may be complaints by neighbors when you crash at the kind local fans’ homes.

When you pick up your rental van, it will be clean and look discreet. At the very most, it will advertise the truck rental agency who furnished the van. The vehicle is nondescript enough to keep mum about the value of your gear inside. It doesn’t scream, “This vehicle is full of loud musicians driving valuables around.

You’re Not Responsible for Repairs

When you pick up your rental van, it will be clean and look discreet. At the very most, it will advertise the truck rental agency who furnished the van. The vehicle is nondescript enough to keep mum about the value of your gear inside. It doesn’t scream, “This vehicle is full of loud musicians driving valuables around.

If you go with a company that does nationwide rentals, they’ll provide you with an adequate road assistance plan. This plan will enable you to continue traveling in a new vehicle in the event of a breakdown. You don’t have to arrange for towing, repairs, or other issues because the van is owned by someone else.

This arrangement is a huge money-saver for bands. When you bring your own vehicle, you’re the one paying for new tires, parts, and labor when your ride has a problem. Saving wear and tear on your personal vehicles means you may even make some money on your tour instead of paying it all to a mechanic.

You Easily Acquire Short-Term Insurance

Vehicle and truck rental agencies have a variety of insurance products they can offer you. Depending on the length of the short-term coverage you buy, the rates are reasonable for the protection you receive.

Your own auto insurance provider may balk at providing you with short-term tour insurance if your policy only covers personal use of your car or van. They may determine your band’s use of the vehicle is actually a commercial use. Things can get complicated and expensive, even if you do secure a temporary rider.

You Can Keep Better Records

Remember that document folder mentioned above? Inside your tour van should be at least one waterproof pouch to hold all receipts, contracts, insurance cards, and other important documents you need for accounting, traveling, and tax purposes. The pouch should include the pictures of your loaded gear for the reasons mentioned above—and to prove your losses to insurance companies and police in the event of a theft.

With your rental and gas receipts in hand, you can accurately keep track of your actual travel expenses. When you use your own vehicle to tour, it’s hard to estimate the actual wear and tear that’s happening to personal vehicles. A standard mileage deduction may not cover the actual vehicle-related costs to your band’s bottom line.

At Elite Truck Rental, we have vans, box trucks, and vehicles available for rent in the Chicago area. We also rent 16-and 24-foot trucks with lift gates for hauling heavier stage framing and lighting equipment.

5 Things You Should Know About Tax Deductions for Business and Job-Related Relocations

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Boxes used for relocationThe IRS allows you to deduct a generous variety of moving expenses when you’re relocating to start a new job or business. Your state may also have similar relocation deductions in its income tax code. You should always consult a qualified accountant or tax attorney to make certain your deductions are allowable, but the following guide will give you an idea of how moving-expense deductions are handled by the IRS.

Timing Is Everything

You can only deduct personal and business moving expenses that you incurred within one year from the start of your job or business venture in the new location. So, if you start a new job in another area but don’t move your household to the new location until 15 months later, you can’t deduct your moving expenses.

Five Tips for Traveling With Your Dog in a Rental Vehicle

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Traveling DogIf your canine is your constant companion and your best friend, you probably don’t want to leave them at home for your next vacation. Luckily, you can bring domestic pets in most Hertz rental cars. However, the company levies an extra fee if you leave excessive dog hair or messes in the vehicle.

To have a great journey without worrying about messes or fees, you may want to check out these tips for trips with your pooch.

How to Move Your Small Business Without Losing Business

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smallbusinessboxFor many small businesses, location is a major factor in staying profitable and relevant in specific industries. In our previous blog, “The Why and How of Relocating Your Business,” we discussed the reasons to move and the basics of business moving logistics.

In this blog, we’ll discuss several business sectors that can suffer during and after a location change, including profitability, productivity, and customer loyalty. In each section, we provide the information you need to keep your business moving forward.

Your Guide to a Successful Winter Move

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pic1Summer is the most popular season for moving. The weather and the roads are clear, school is out, employees take vacations, and long weekends are plentiful. Sometimes, however, necessity dictates a winter move.

Moving in winter is definitely possible, but you’ll need to prepare a little more in order to make the move as safe and as warm as possible. If you’re moving your home or business during the winter months, this guide will help you know what to plan for.

Make Your Rental Dates Flexible

A major part of planning ahead is keeping track of the weather forecast for your moving date. Ideally, you’ll move on a clear day with no snow or winter rain in the forecast.

When you call your moving truck rental company to reserve a vehicle, express your concerns about the unpredictability of winter driving. Plan to rent on the appointed day, but ask the rental company how they handle moving reservations for bad weather, and if you can set up a “back up” date just in case a winter storm hits.

It’s also best to ask for and attend any tutorials available on driving a rental truck, especially in the winter time.

8 Tips for Loading and Driving Your Moving Truck in Wet Conditions

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movingwetconditionsWhether you need to pack up your moving truck rental in drizzling rain or blowing snow, wet conditions can complicate any move. Not only does precipitation make it more difficult to keep your belongings dry and undamaged but moisture can also create hazardous driving conditions.

If your moving day forecast predicts rain, sleet, or snow, use these eight tips for loading and driving your moving truck in inclement weather.

1. Mark the Most Vulnerable Containers

As you pack, think about which items are most vulnerable to water damage. Label your boxes containing important documents, books, and electronics with “keep dry” the same way you’d label a box “heavy” or “fragile.”

You’ll want to take these containers out to the truck when the precipitation is lightest. You may also want to put these boxes on top of other items in case there’s water on the floor of the truck.

The Why and How of Relocating Your Business

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If you want to improve business revenue, relocating your business might do the trick. But relocating isn’t the best option for everyone. You want to make surepic1 that relocating is the right decision and that it will improve your profitability.

Is Relocating Right for Your Business?

Consider the following questions to find out if relocating is right for you.

1. Can You Find a Better Workforce Elsewhere?

Some businesses relocate because they want to tap into an increased workforce. Workers with similar skillsets congregrate where companies need their skills. Many designers and editors work in New York City, while tech experts often move to Silicon Valley.

How to Efficiently Load and Pack Your Moving Truck

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Whether you received your dream job across the country or simply want to relocate to a new neighborhood in your current city, you may both relish and despise a move. You’ll enjoy this transition because it brings new adventures and exciting opportunities with it. Yet, you may abhor the process a little bit because you have so much to do in a limited time, especially when it comes to packing.

If you’ve ever packed a moving van or truck before, you know just how stressful and complex this particular moving step can be. In fact, if not done properly, you may not be able to fit all of your belongings into your moving vehicle-and you may have a more difficult time successfully completing your move.

Relocation Preparation: A Helpful Timeline for Your Move

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Moving can be complicated and stressful, especially when you’ve been in the same house for the last 10 or more years. With all the furniture and belongings you’ve collected over time, it can be difficult to organize your relocation and get everything in order.

But if you have a little time, you can take the planning and preparation in steps. Below, we list moving tasks along an easy timeline so you can take on your relocation bit by bit. If you don’t have quite as much time, you may need to slim down the timeline.

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